The Process of Restoring and Reconditioning Agas

After we obtain a suitable Aga in need of restoration the following steps occur:

  1. We carefully dismantle and remove the Aga from site and transport it to our workshops.

  2. The Aga is carefully stripped and cleaned in preparation for detailed examination of its condition and the determination of the steps needed to restore the Aga to a pristine condition. 

  3. All cast iron parts are cleaned and treated against corrosion, with worn and broken parts being replaced.

  4. All chrome parts are replaced with new. 

  5. All door linings, seals, and side panels are replaced with new.

  6. All the enamel surfaces are checked for faults and are then vitreous enamelled (which gives an almost glass like finish on cast iron) in either a standard colour or the colour chosen by a customer.

  7. The cookers are carefully re-constructed making sure that all the surfaces are prepared and new seals applied.

  8. The enamel parts are built up with the doors being fitted to the front plate.

  9. The door linings are replaced and the lids constructed.

  10. All Aga rebuilds are then thoroughly checked by our senior technician before being released as completed.

All of our Aga stoves are carefully rebuilt in our workshops by qualified technicians before dismantling ready for shipment to the customer. 

This exacting process results in what we think, and we are sure you will agree, is a beautifully restored and fully functional Aga stove.


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