Black - Aga Colours Black Aga Colours 

These are the standard range of colours that are available from West Country Cookers and are the same as those available on original Agas. 

The enamelling process that we employ means that all Aga colours have a deep lustrous finish that reveals the quality of your cooker. 

If you require a special colour please CONTACT US. 

Please note that the colours depicted here are for illustration purposes. If you require to see a sample please CONTACT US. 

Thank you
Aga Colours
Midnight Blue - Aga Colours Midnight Blue
Oxford Blue - Aga Colours Oxford Blue
Wedgewood Blue - Aga Colours Wedgewood Blue
Powder Blue - Aga Colours Powder Blue
aga colours Sblue up Soft Blue
Red - Aga Colours Red
Burgundy - Aga Colours Burgundy
Aubergine - Aga Colours Aubergine
Cream - Aga Colours Cream
White - Aga Colours White
Soft Pearl - Aga Colours Soft Pearl
Pistachio - Aga Colours Pistachio
British Racing Green - Aga Colours British Racing Green
Pearl - Aga Colours Pearl
Pewter - Aga Colours Pewter